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Euan Pattie is a Scottish producer and performer of electronic music, whose sound incorporates a variety of different aspects of house and techno. Influenced by the likes of Four Tet and Chaos In The CBD, Euan produces music that is melodic, emotionally charged, and hypnotic.


With releases "Friday, 6am" and "Shifting" out now on Spotify, and a number of other tracks ready to listen to in the MUSIC section, Euan continues to experiment with sound. Driven with an innate sense of musicianship, much of his work revolves around synth patterns or other hooks, continuously morphed throughout his arrangements. Euan also works extensively with audio samples and found sound to create rich, textural layers and drums.

Aside from producing, one of Euan's main focuses is developing his own live DJ sets. As more and more electronic artists configure their music for live performance, Euan continues to explore his own playing style with a range of setups and approaches, as detailed in the LIVE section. His understanding of electronic drum technology means he can combine elements of physical drum performance with the feeling of a DJ set.

Euan is also currently undertaking his PhD at Edinburgh Napier University, emerging as a keen researcher and thinker of electronic dance music culture. Here, he is exploring how listeners of dance music interact with

and use that music in a variety of settings. Exhibited in the RESEARCH and MUSIC AND EMOTION sections, Euan continues to experiment with formats combining his academic and musical work.

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