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Euan Pattie is a Scottish producer, performer, and researcher of electronic music whose sound incorporates aspects of IDM and house. Influenced by the likes of Four Tet, Floating Points, Denis Sulta, and Jamie xx, Euan produces music that is melodic, emotional, and hypnotic. His creative process centres around the idea that a track has a life of its own – it is the artist’s job to tame and capture this life. 


With releases "Friday, 6am" and "Shifting" out now on Spotify and a number of tracks released on SoundCloud, Euan continues to experiment with sound. Driven with an innate sense of musicianship, much of his work revolves around synth patterns or other hooks, continuously morphed throughout his arrangements. Euan also works extensively with audio samples and found sound to create rich, textural layers and drums.

Outside the studio, Euan is continuously developing live, semi-improvised DJ sets, often utilising electronic drum technology. With the rising appeal of ‘live’ DJ sets fronted by the likes of KiNK, Four Tet, Saytek and Jon Hopkins, Euan is exploring his own playing style through a wide range of setups and approaches. His extensive understanding of electronic drum technology means he can combine elements of physical drum performance with the feeling of a traditional DJ set. Beginning his career in music as a drummer, Euan has a solid understanding and love for groove. It was listening to artists such as New Order and Daft Punk which sparked his passion for dance music and producing sounds electronically.

Through his academic studies at Edinburgh Napier University, Euan has also emerged as a keen researcher and thinker of electronic dance music, with particular emphasis on sociological and cultural aspects. His most recent  research examined the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the careers of dance artists, as exhibited in the RESEARCH section.