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April 2021

In 2021, Euan was involved in a research project carried out by Jamie McLardy, exploring hybridised popular music with acoustic and electronic elements. Euan and Jamie collaborated to compose a live piece which was used to explore and detail methods of pairing acoustic instrumentation (echoic) and electronic instrumentation (anechoic) in a homogenising manner. The research highlighted that whilst acoustic instrumental recordings will always have natural room ambience 'baked in', electronic instruments do not have natural ambience. This poses the quandary as to how both elements can be merged together cohesively, sounding like they come from the same 'room' or 'place'. As a solution, this research used convolution reverbs.

A snippet of Euan and Jamie's piece is shown.

February 2021

In February 2021, Euan appeared on the first episode of the "Afters with Gio" podcast. Topics for discussion included Euan's process of making electronic music and playing live, as well as featuring three full length tracks. The full podcast can be found here.

December 2020

In December 2020, Euan took part in Dumfries Music Conference's 'Talk Play Collaborate' project. This involved being paired with fellow Dumfries musician, Alix Apples to discuss issues surrounding the Covid 19 pandemic's impact on music, with particular emphasis on live streaming. This discussion was published, alongside two collaborative tracks (Euan's track, "I Know I'll Go (anywhere this leads)" feat. Alix Apples, can be found in the MUSIC and LIVE sections of this site). Details of this project and more online content can be found on Dumfries Music Conference's Instagram, found here and website, found here.

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