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Watch part of Euan's debut solo live performance for the Dumfries Music Conference below.

Various other setups explored by Euan are shown in the videos below. 

The two videos shown above are examples of a semi-improvised set, where some elements have been chosen prior to performing, but where the main arrangement is developed live in real-time. It features performed Octapad parts and manipulation of elements using the Ableton Push.

The video above is a live version of Euan's track, "I Know I'll Go (anywhere this leads)" featuring Alix Apples for Dumfries Music Conference's "Talk Play Collaborate" project.

The focus for this set was to include some elements that were very 'live' and often unpredictable, in order to explore a set which is less planned out and more improvised. This introduces the challenge of striking a balance between having live, improvised parts, whilst retaining an overall structure and flow.

This set utilises a mixture of playing and recording parts with the Octapad drum pad and launching pre-recorded clips in Ableton Live. It also utilises Ableton Push features such as the step sequencer, internal effects automation and mixing.