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Watch examples of Euan's live sets below.

Below are some details of Euan's current live setup.


Everything goes through Ableton, enabling loops to be turned on and off very easily. Euan's sets consist of sections that are largely improvised, sections that involve live playing but which are planned, and sections consisting simply of tracks being mixed into the next, like a standard DJ set. In these live sets, Euan always only performs his own music.

Euan uses the Ableton Push 2 to trigger loops without having to look at the computer screen. He also uses it for mixing, changing tempo, and automating effects.


Euan uses the Roland SPD 30 percussion pad to play melodies and drum parts.
Playing with sticks helps to make his electronic performances feel more 'live'.

Finally, Euan uses his phone to run software called Touch OSC. He uses this as a secondary controller to the Push, making it easier to perform certain actions. The computer editor allows for a completely customisable design, consisting of any effects dials, switches, or faders needed.


Watch part of Euan's debut solo live performance for the 2021 Dumfries Music Conference below.

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